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Alot members didn't turn up for the guild SS session but it still look cool

Going to make a new Photo soon, I do hope this time more than half will come online.
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No Party at DF, NO QQ.

AlienBlooD99, Jul 18, 11 3:03 PM.
It's common sense to set your name on guild announcement at least 1 hour before DF or DKDF. If you come late, please don't complain and get mad when you have no party and we (officers ie. Angel/Demi/Deity/Deva) party randoms. Do not go AFK when timer comes up unless its a very short one (max 5 minutes).

Other than officers that are making the parties, the other NORMAL Guild Members making party with non guildies are not responsible for keeping slot for guildies. There is no forced rules or action upon anyone who wanted to do so because we understand that you have been levelling more with your friends than with your guild so lets not make any dramas out of it.

With this issue/reasoning, PKing own guildmates to release anger or making arguments in guild chat scolding and be rude and QQers gets expelled immediately, end of grandma story, no dramas, simple and clear.

Bored on Weekends?

AlienBlooD99, May 9, 11 10:49 AM.
Go to Forum and vote for your timezone to when we going to make 140 dungeon runs. We need atleast 15 people to post there.
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